Got a Draytek Router? Guess what, there is a 0day. Check DNS Settings

Draytek Routers have an acknowledged 0 Day.   It has been seen in the wild!

One of the indicators that your router has been compromised is changing of your DNS Settings.  A change of DNS will allow Cyber Criminals to impersonate other websites allowing the bad guys to siphon your personal information.


It is a good idea to periodically check all your devices DNS Settings anyway.

A list of recommend DNS Server are (in no particular order)  – Quad 9, blocks known malware sites  – CloudFlare – Private and unfiltered  – Google – Fast DNS  – CleanBrowsing – Blocks Adult Sites – Comodo – blocks malware sites – OpenDNS, blocks malware sites, now owned by Cisco – Yandex, blocks malware sites — Russian