Why do entry level crackers care about my data

Great!  Your information in on the Dark Web!  “Bad Actors” have access to your username and passwords!  You have nothing to hide, but… what do they want to do with your information?  Lets ask an “Entry level” anonymous group.

In one of my sources of information, someone did ask this question.  This group focuses on Doxxing – finding personal information online and then publishing it with malicious intent.  This group has a younger demographic with a keen interest in the video game Fortnite.   This group is generally not interested in targeted attacks on individuals or companies (they are interested in distrupting other gaming groups)

Here is a quick takeaway.

Many are looking for usernames and passwords that work with streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify

Lots are looking fo usernames and passwords for gaming services, such as Steam and EA.

Many are looking for usernames and passwords that work on Porn Sites – for multiple reasons, We will get back to this one later

Many are looking for usernames and passwords connected to a Paypal account, and emptying the account.

Some will take the breaches with hashed passwords, crack the hashed passwords, then turn around and sell them, right back to the same group.

Botting – logging into a valid email account and using it for Spam

Some are looking for credentials for Bitcoin accounts, and taking the bitcoins.

Some are collectors, Collecting the databases of personal information

Extortion.  Using the personal information found on the porn sites to get money or information from them with the threat of exposing this data.  Remember when I said people are looking for credentials for Porn Sites?

“For the Lulz” – getting and using the personal information to cause chaos for others, with no personal gain.

Revenge (this one was posted a few times with no extra context)

This one keeps me up at night – “because I have no morals & I love seeing myself make national news.”

and… “Search them for Information then find people to sell the Information to to make $$$$”


Basic takeaway, your information is worth money to bad actors, even if it is on the low end by using your email to Spam other people, or the horrible experience of having bad people stealing your money, but can very easily cause you a lot of harm and grief with Doxxing, even if you are not a high profile person.    Your information is worth monitoring and protecting!