The honest truth is, there is no golden technology to keep us safe.

That is why we believe training and procedure are the best tools we can use.

By utilizing our security audits, you will have a full understanding of your network, where the issues lie and how to fix them.

Our goal is to give you power over your network! There is no reason to assume anything in the technology world we live in where everything is constantly changing and evolving. So many businesses continue operating without the full knowledge of the flaws and vulnerabilities in their network; you wouldn’t leave your front door open, why would you leave your security open?

We want to open your eyes to the Internet of Things (IoT); this covers everything connected to your network, from printers to remote door locks!

There is no technology that can defeat Social Engineering, only training can defeat Social Engineering  – Frank Abagnale jr.

Security is beyond a technology problem: let us help you unearth any vulnerabilities and offer the best solution to be rid of it!



Our Skills


Penetration Testing

We knock on the doors of your network, we try to pry open the windows of your website, we even try all the locks of your severs!  Just like what a hacker would do!

Our network security assessments, recommended to do quarterly, are non-destructive scans looking for holes in the very fabric of your network.  We find the security patches in Windows that have failed to update!  We find out that your printer can easily be compromised.  We can alert you when your SCADA control systems are on the wrong network!  We then generate a report on severity of these weaknesses and with remediation recommendations to your IT staff so they know what and how to fix!


Dark-Web Monitoring

We find our clients usernames and passwords on the shady places of the internet!  We can pinpoint the employee who is susceptible to blackmail with an Ashly Madison account, we can find the users who click and fill in the phishing emails.  We use this information to help protect our clients!


Phishing and Social Attacks

Most security breaches are not just a fault of poor technology, but rather a fault of a biological source.

We Phish your users with a variety of attacks, from the basic misspelled words to the targeted with internal information to see what users click on what type of Spam, and help re-educate them to keep your organization safe!




Honeypot Monitoring

Want get alerts when we detect a scan on your internal network? Get advanced notification when your client has a network scan, planned or performed by a bad actor!  We install a honeypot at your locations and use it like a canary in a coal mine, get advanced notification before something catastrophic happens!