Dark Web Monitoring

We head off to the scary places on the DarkWeb to watch for our clients identifiable information (PII), and alert them to any breaches that we discover!  Our searches includes email addresses, IP addresses, physical addresses and even telephone numbers!
In the world of BYOD (Bring your own device), not only do we monitor their corporate information, we monitor their personal information as well!

Phishing Exercises

We will Phish your team with a variety of different styles of phishing scams!  We start with a three month engagement and continue monthly from there.

We use attacks ranging from the simple misspelled attack looking for an easy entry to a custom crafted scam using insider knowledge to simulate a targeted spear phish!

Scary Canary

Much like the Canary in the Coal mine, our Scary Canary is an early warning device.
When a bad actor breached a network, one of the first tasks is to do a scan, find out what other vulnerable devices are out there!  The Canary will listen, and when someone talks to it, it starts cheeping, letting you know something is wrong!  It alerts you via email with who is talking to it, when, and what port is trying to be accessed.

Security Assessments

We perform full security assessments on public, private and SCADA networks to expose reported vulnerabilities.

We work with the current IT staff to gain access to your infrastructure allowing us to perform non-destructive assessments.  We then work with your IT Staff giving them and you a detailed report on where your network would be most vulnerable to an attack with recommendations on how to mitigate any attack!

Not sure how secure your network is? Wondering if your processes are compliant? Are there regulations you may be overlooking? Is there anything more scary than not knowing?

No worries, Ultra Scary has you covered. We perform full security audits to ensure that all your assets are in order. And if they’re not, we will give you a report containing information on where the problem lies and how to fix it.

Although we will create the best possible template for your business, the general procedure is as follows. First, we will conduct an onsite, physical audit followed by the scanning of all your systems. Depending on the size of your business, the time for this may vary. After the audit, a sizable report will be made containing all the areas of concern, categorized by priority, and exact recommendations on how to fix the issues. Having this report will give you great insights into common areas of concern, what changes can be made to prevent future issues and a better understanding of your network altogether. Depending on the priority level of your vulnerabilities, likely within a few months, we will revisit for a followup.

Collaboration is absolutely key to our operation. We are here to work with you and help you develop the best plan to get your network running optimally.


Our Process

We are here to work with you, not against you. Once you have received your report, we will conduct a follow up to ensure that the top priority issues were fixed and the rest is being worked on.

Once our audit is finished and analyzed, you will receive a comprehensive report containing the utmost detail on the vulnerabilities found and exactly how to fix the issues. Each issue will be categorized by priority to make it easier for you!

Through several assessment types, we will test your system for malware, make sure you are compliant with all applicable regulations and check web applications. No stone will be unturned after our audit is finished!

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We understand how difficult it can be to make sure your system is secure – let us  help you do just that!